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Monday, 23 July 2012

Mobile Application Development Improving SmartPhone Customers Experience

Android and iPhone are the two well structure mobile platform who competing among one another to capture attention of the consumer. Developing application for smartphone using technologies like android, Symbian iPhone, J2ME and many other standing in line has helped developers to establish a fertile and a potential market for mobile application. Now a day's mobile software developed are availing such capabilities and utility functions which are powerful yet simple to use. Applications developed and deliver by android application development firm are basically designed diving the application fitting on which dominant platform and operating system. There is a huge variety of apps developed by iPhone application firm which include:-

- Social networking based applications basically used for communication among clients and user like emails, web browsers used for surfing, chat messengers, news and other famous social based portals

- Developing and delivering end to end custom games application solutions based on different category like sports, action, leisure, children, etc with dynamic user interface

- Generic Application built to deliver multimedia based functions like music sub divided into audio and video, graphics, and players

- Numerous application are designed to help customers manage day to day's activities like calendar, notepads, check stocks and manage finances or know instant update in banking

- Applications designed especially on travel, hospitality and leisure. Numerous high end applications are dedicated to capture attention among users.

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  1. Mobile App development has changed my view towards Smartphone.. Being in US , where iPhone app developers NYC & Android App Developers NYC are locking horns, I wonder what would I do if I got myself limited with my Blackberry which rarely has some new Blackberry app development kind of thing..
    But yeah, I liked the insight of your blog..iPhone has really given a great boost to mobile app developers USA when development companies are not the only beneficiaries... Thumbs up ...