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Friday, 3 August 2012

Enhanced Qualities of Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails being an object driven programming language makes it easier for new developers to understand its working and become Ruby on Rails programmers themselves. The features ROR provides are powerful and advanced and it also helps in providing meta-programming capabilities. Ruby on Rails programmers have to write or alter codes only in the modules where the application deviates from the normal standard or already present feature.

Ruby on Rails competes with other programming languages in the Web like Python, Java, and PHP etc but ultimately Ruby on Rails has been the leader because of its various advanced and powerful features. This growth in the number of Ruby on Rails developers is solely because of the advancements it provides with respect to productivity and it also customizes languages according to the domain. These are the reasons for many new developers to opt for ROR and turn into Ruby on Rails programmers.

Ruby on Rails is designed to make it simpler for Ruby on Rails developers to develop applications and website. Ruby on Rails makes it simpler for the developers to program by simplifying the process of writing codes. Ruby on Rails checks the code if there are any errors and if there are any bugs/errors then they are notified to the Ruby on Rails developers immediately. Once the error is reported to the developers then they can perform the required tasks and make adequate changes. This process helps the Ruby on Rails programmer to concentrate more on the program and rectify the errors side by side which helps in writing more code in very less time. Read More


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