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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Top 10 Must Have IPads Apps

There are tons of iPad apps to choose from these days, more like 200,000 plus, that cater to just about everyone, and everything. Apple iTunes Store apps galore has all you need to make your tab cool, productive and fun all at the same time. We give you a roundup of some must-have apps for your Apple iPad.

Photoshop Express (Free)
A photo-editing tool that resembles its elder sibling, the Photoshop Express is a free app that can flip, crop, rotate, redesign, straighten, adjust saturation, contrast, exposure and more. The app has plenty of variety when it comes to effects like warm vintage, soft black and white, vignette and vibrant. Plus you can upload your photos instantly to Facebook!

Evernote (Free)
We all take notes, big or small, important or not, professional or even personal. Evernote is here to serve. This neat little app can remind you of important meetings that you are to attend or even something you just wanted to remind yourself of. With Evernote, you can arrange and organize all your details, just be sure to sync all your data from your devices so it’s easy to share among friends, family and colleagues using in-app tools

Dropbox (Free)
This app is a no brainer for those who’ve shared stuff of all kinds, over any or every device. It’s a free service and this is why it’s cooler. Now you can share all your photos and videos, documents and papers virtually between many devices (it is platform independent). You can collect all of your data wherever you are and put it into one space, while ensuring that you can access it — from anywhere — making Dropbox and essential storage application.

OmniSketch (Free)
OmniSketch is a drawing tool that lets you use brushes to draw. Bring to life whatever comes to your mind with neat effects, from leaving dots all over the canvas that grow bigger the faster you draw to crosshatching spaces between lines. If you’re not sure what your masterpiece looks like in the end, it’s probably for the best. The whole idea of drawing here lies in the abstract, which is fun considering the crazy effects you get with every stroke!

Epicurious (Free)
An app fit for the food enthusiast. Now this app makes you want to try your own hand at cooking. For all ambitious cooks in the making, Epicurious is a beauty with a treasure trove for recipes in most categories. Users can search for recipes, even by seasons, and can add the ingredients they require to their shopping list, all you need to do is click on the shopping list tab.

HBO Go (Free)
The HBO Go isn’t just your everyday app. Sure it’s all free to download but don’t let that fool you, it needs an HBO subscription through your cable TV services. But what makes this app valuable is its huge database. Missed the last season of the Game of Thrones? This is probably where you should look. HBO original shows like Band of Brothers, The Sopranos, True Blood and Entourage all feature here along with a giant collection of movies.

Real Racing HD
If you’re into gaming and can’t get enough of it, you might want to look into Real Racing HD. It’s racing on-the-go which is quite involving, not to mention loads of fun. It’s a virtual driving game that uses iPad’s accelerometer while tilting it as if it were a steering wheel. There are no apparent lag issues as the accelerometer is agile and responsive. With the likes of Angry Birds Space, Temple Run and, of course, Fruit Ninja, Real Racing HD just adds to the tablet gaming experience.
Flipboard (Free)
It’s one of the most hyped apps around. But it doesn’t win its title on hype alone. This app is your personal magazine; loaded with news magazines websites, photo and newspaper websites and brings them all under one roof. Make sure to configure it according to your taste. You can share and view your stuff in one space via social media networks.

IMDB (Free)
The IMDB app is a miniature version of the full blown website and is worth the extra space in your tab, that is if you’re into movies. Users can watch movie trailers; look up the filmography of your favourite actors and more. The app has an intuitive layout that meshes all the sections seamlessly on movie news, celebrity news, what’s doing well at the box office and even TV listings. IMDB has by far the largest movie database there is, plus a huge collection of TV and celebrity info.

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