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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Constituency Management Software Enuke

Enuke has launched new software for Indian Constituency. This software is designed specially for all Political Party/MLA that helps in tacking Caste data, Previous Election Results, Party Workers, Influential People, Development Works, Jansampark in efficient manner.

Objective of Constituency Management Software:

Analysis of pre election results.
Analysis of voter profiles- caste, religion.
Monitoring party workers/influential people.
Monitoring Jan Sampark programs.
Tracking Developmental works of constituency.
Tracking issues of constituency.

Features of Political Software:

Data Portability: Any place you can access the Web, you can access your constituent management software and information. Multiple users can access at same time.
Easy to use Interface: With all the options on the single screen, you don't have to depend on anyone to learn the software and use it.
No Paper Work: You don’t need to maintain your whole constituency information on paper. On one screen you can manage all data very easy and simple way.
Security: Only Registered users can access data and information according to their authentication.
Direct Printing: Extensive printing support,  You can easily print any data directly to your printer.
Quick Setup: Unlike traditional software, there's nothing to install. Just sign up, establish your account, and you can be running in a matter of minutes.

View The Presentation -


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