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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Advantages of Creating a Website in Wordpress

Own Domain Name
WordPress is a globally famous blogging platform for self hosted blog. In wordpress user can easily his own choice custom domain name instead of sub-domain name. User can take any hosting provider and install a software on it.
Plugins are strength of WordPress. By making use of plugins, users can customize performance of blog according to need.
There are number of wordpress theme available online. You can easily customized the theme in wordpress. According to the need you can choose the word press theme and customize it according to your need..
The most interesting and useful part of WordPress are its developers. There is largest number of developers available for WordPress in the world. WordPress provides lots of options for developers to develop plugins, themes and software.
In Wordpress user can also use CSS files to get their own designs according to the requirement.
It’s totally free
Free word always smoothen our ears. Since WordPress is an open source bogging platform so it is totally free of cost.
Easy to use
The most vibrant feature of WordPress is its ease to use. Anyone can become expert while install with the software. It comes with an inbuilt dashboard where users can use post, category, theme, tools, widget, setting etc.
SEO friendly
Search engines love WordPress. WordPress comes with self ping feature. This feature sends ping to different search engines while every time the blog updated. You can easily create static url, update meta tags. Also there are lots of plugins available for WordPress which can extent WordPress reach.
Blogs never go dead
This statement is right until you yourself kill the blog. If in any case, your blog is hacked or the database is lost, then you can have a backup from your server, or directly through your host. But in blogger seen most of the times, blogs are just gone, and a line “Blog not found” is seen there when we try to access the blog. There are very little chances of recovering a deleted blog in blogger.
Categorized blogging
This is one of the main advantages with wordpress, we can have any number of categories and can post in these categories, rather than having no categories and posting random stuff as in blogger.
A normal visitor searches for articles/posts in his desired category if he is browsing a blog powered by wordpress, but in a blogger blog there is absence of categories leading to visitor being in a confused land.
Reaching the world through pings
Hundreds of pinging services and blog directories with RSS accept all wordpress feeds and are pinged once and always when a post is published in the wordpress blog, and the pinging in their sites can be automated.
The same isn’t there with blogger and very few blog directories accept feeds from blogger powered sites.

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