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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Make Your Small Business More Successful With Android Apps

Android is the renowned platform for application development which is totally free. It is introduced by Google, Android covers varied possibilities for developing interactive mobile applications. It gives a tough competition to Apple's iOS and within the mobile world, Android holds a most prominent place in mobile world.

Recent Research Show that Demand of Android apps development is increasing day by day than ios. There are many attractive features which makes it more popular among mobile developer. Mobile developers prefer to build mobile apps over the Android platform as it is a versatile framework Popularity of android device and tablet increase in mobile world. All the famous mobile company are using android OS and latest devices - Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy III. Google have a competitive spirit, is encouraging developers to create innovative apps for its tablets, rather than generic apps.

Advantages with the Android platform are –

  • Android is a user-friendly platform and enables developers to showcase their talent by creating highly interactive mobile apps for different Android devices.
  • Since it is an open-source platform, any third party developer who is proficient in programming can build apps with a difference. It is an easy platform to work with, and supported by Google through providing various SDKs for android developers. Android app development proves to be cost effective due to its being an open market.
  • Android app development service is rising and the applications made for Android is diverse and rich. There is a rising demand for Android based devices, the main attraction being the wide range of applications it makes available to its users.
  •  The Android platform undergoes regular updates which keeps it an updated platform. It brings in variety and newness for the developers also.
  •  Android has a vast community of users, and so developers can have access to a wide range of resources over the internet to solve their problems related to Android app development.
  •  The programming language that defines Android apps is Java. Developers well versed in Java programming language can wonders on the Android platform and build attractive apps.
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