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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Joomla Website - Easy To Use and Powerful

Edit pages yourself You have the ability to log-in to your website and edit/add pages without any additional software needed.
Ease of use You’re working with a very familiar word-processing interface.
Search Engine Friendly Joomla SEO is automatic with the ability to do advanced fine tuning.
Non-proprietary You can move this content management system and not be locked into some proprietary system.
Widely Supported We’re not the only game in town…you have a choice of who you want to work with.
Lots of Extensions There’s a very rich world of Joomla add-ons that allows us to rapidly create very sophisticated sites; this keeps costs down.
Open Source The Joomla software itself is Open Source and is free of charge. There are some other extensions that are commercial, but overall this keeps costs way down.
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