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Monday, 21 January 2013

7 reasons to switch from Drupal to Yii

Yii was much faster than Drupal for our site with 150,000 nodes (each with a rewritten URL) and 50,000 visitors per day. Yes, we were working crazy hours for those 30 days (and the following 15), but it was worth it. The time that we previously spent working around Drupal's slow queries was put to better use, and it was a lot more fun to develop on Yii than on Drupal. The real benefit of Yii came later when we redesigned our site. With Yii's MVC, we only had to change 2 layout files vs a few dozen in Drupal.

Drupal isn't the best way to avoid starting from scratch
If Drupal is a framework, only Rube Goldberg could love it
Community-contributed modules are prone to featuritis and the bugs that result from unneeded complexity.
Drupal has PHP 4 baggage.
Don't want Drupal 6 or 7 to slow down a Drupal 5 site? Deal with an outdated jQuery.
Drupal's field API/content construction kit (CCK) will drive you crazy, and it's part of Drupal 7 core
Drupal is a LOT slower than Yii.

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