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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Have Fun With Many Iphone Applications

Apple has always been recognized as a pioneer when it comes to introducing functional and innovative consumer electronics. The launch of Apple's iPhone has changed the way people used to communicate and conduct businesses. Light in weight and small in looks, this device has multimedia capabilities with plenty of functions such as media player, camera, Internet and other functionalities that makes it a must have device. It was in 2007, when Steve Jobs announced that iPhone would support third-party apps. He also added that Apple would introduce a software development kit which was available by Feb 2008. This iPhone SDK was free from the beginning, but the iPhone app developers were required to pay a membership fee before any app could go live.

Before making Apple SDK a free download, developers used to design iPhone apps that would run on Apple's Safari browser, but with the kit it became easy because it gave developers a framework for building the app. The developers here were required to learn the Mac Xcode and were required to have access to Mac computer. Reports conducted revealed that the submission process for iPhone application development wasn't complicated, it was just that one had to follow the steps carefully. After developing the app, developers had to submit the app specifying the details of app to iPhone developer account at iTunes.

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