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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Increase Your Income on Micro Job Sites

Register your jobs with sites that offer higher payments. Although the original model for micro job sites is for $5 payments (actually $4 when the commission of $1 to the website is deducted) there are other sites where you can list your job (also called a 'gig') for higher amounts. They can be $6, $7 and even $10. It is well worth listing your services on these sites; many are visited by thousands of people each day. There are also lots of buyers who don't mind paying a bit more if they know they are going to get a quality job.

Break your job down to the smallest possible component. Whatever service you provide, you can't make it too complicated. This is because it will take you too much time to complete. You want to ensure that the time spent is in line with your income expectations. For example, if your net return per job is $5 and you are happy to earn $20 per hour, then each job should take you no more than fifteen minutes to complete. You should also allow some administration time, so the actual length of a job should probably be no more than twelve minutes. To earn more per hour you will either have to increase your price or reduce the time you spend, so it is very important to choose those tasks that are quick and easy to perform

Consider outsourcing. You may be able to find other workers who can do the job for a lower price than what you advertise it for. If you can do this you are in essence having other people working for you. Once you get it working well you could even scale it up; take on more people and be limited only by the number of jobs you get. Imagine if you could get fifty jobs done per hour by other people and you make just one dollar profit on each. That's $50 an hour – and you're not doing the work! Granted, you will have to spend some time managing the process, but it will be a lot less time than if you had had to do the work yourself.

Micro job sites are a great way to earn money online. By using the above steps it is possible to increase your income dramatically for the same time spent.

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