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Monday, 7 January 2013

Yii Framework Is Ruling the Computer World

During a recent survey, researchers found out that the top PHP frameworks of 2012 are as follows

•Yii Framework







•eZ Components

Yii, which stands for Yes It Is and read as 'wee', is a PHP framework. It is well known to be one of the best most creative and easy to use PHP 5 web applications. Adding to its overwhelming success is the fact that it is open source which in other words means free. The applications created with Yii are creative, dry designed and helps rapid development.

Yii is fast as it uses the "lazy loading" technique. Lazy loading means any class or object wouldn't be called or loaded until it is required. This helps the application put less weight as well. The latest PHP version has a lot of new functionalities and there are few frameworks like cake PHP or Codeigniter which are already reaping the benefits. But no framework is as efficient in using the full benefits of new PHP versions as Yii itself. Moreover the caching support is excellent which means applications developed using Yii load even faster.

The latest Yii version was released in late June, 2011. It has rich features like DAO, MVC, Active records, and caching, testing, authentication and can work with Ajax seamlessly. In this age, when hacking and cracking is a redundant process, Yii also provides security against common hacking practices like SQL injection, output filtering, prevention from scripting especially cross-site scripting etc. Logic and presentation has also been clearly separated.

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