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Monday, 11 February 2013

How to generate customers in 2013

How to generate customers in 2013 is a little distinct, and you have to be on top of things not to waste your time on unproductive activities.

Generating traffic has never been that complicated, what is the tricky aspect is transforming it into sales and profits.

Yet, let me give a few awesome site traffic methods for 2013 and above. Prior to I begin I want to inform you that regardless what  year we are now living in and what changes Google makes backlinks would always be important. The truth is lately you have to generate them with consideration, and not just shoot blind and get any sort of backlinks to your web page.

Bring in customers through guest posting. A lot of people think about guest posting just a way to get quick visitors to their sites. While this is as well great, the other benefit from guest posting is Web optimization. Contextual links you could get out of publishing on another site, are the name of the game these days, meaning they are vital and Google loves them.

That's just why I use Empower's blog to link back to my site. I constantly have an authority  site to post to, linking back to the posts on my personalized blog. That way I rank pretty easy for just about everything I want(of course backlinking using other methods as well).

And the cool part is when you have a blog like empower, you can always use it as a filtration for spammy backlinks… what do I suggest?

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  1. You are exactly right. It is not that difficult to generate the needed traffic. But what are these traffic for if you cannot convert it into sales and profits?
    We'll I don't have Empower's blog that links back to my site. But apart from this there are many other tips to generate customer and traffic at the same time. Thanks for sharing this advice.

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