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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Fresh iPhone Apps - Food Mafia, Megatroid, Monster Life

Find new and great places to eat near you with the help of Food Mafia, a social network/restaurant recommendation system. The app lets you “follow” people and professionals with similar tastes and allows you to get customized recommendations about restaurants you should try. In the gaming department, side-scrolling platformer Megatroid kicks off the day’s offerings with its randomized levels, followed by monster-gathering title Monster Life, which has an awesome papercraft art style.

Food Mafia (iPhone, iPad) Free

Food Mafia is more than a restaurant recommendation app, it’s actually a big social network filled with users and experts. They can help you learn about the best restaurants around and compile all kinds of great information about them to help you choose your next meal and create new favorites. The app lets you “follow” various folks, like chefs and food critics, as well as people with similar tastes as you. From those people, you can get new recommendations of things to try.
The app packs a big list of restaurants and a map to go with it, as well as a review and rating system to give you the inside scoop on different establishments from people who have tried them. You can share photos of your meals through the app, watch videos from various restaurants, and track your favorites in an online profile so others can see what you like as well.

Megatroid (iPhone, iPad) Free

Side-scrolling platformer Megatroid seems to be riffing on the Metroid series from Nintendo, but it does so in a pretty strong way. It takes players through a science fiction story that has you running through futuristic bases, blowing up robots and bouncing off walls. Along the way, you’ll need to gather “credits” to purchase new equipment to allow you to make it through more levels and fight off big bosses.
The cool thing about Megatroid is that its levels are “procedurally generated,” which means that they are built from random components by the computer. No two levels are ever the same, and you can share the levels the game generates for you with your friends, so they can compete on the same ground you did. There’s also Game Center support that provides achievements and leaderboards.

Monster Life (iPhone, iPad) Free

Gameloft’s latest takes a bit of a page from another Nintendo franchise, Pokemon. The most notable thing about the game is its very cool, paper-based art style. Players gather paper monsters to fight for them in battle as they explore the world and work through Monster Life’s story.
Not only will you capture and train your paper monsters as you truck around Monster Life’s paper world, you’ll also set up your own home in the meantime. You’ll need to build places for your monsters to live and train for them to become stronger, and they’ll earn new abilities and capabilities over time as you feed and play with them. The whole affair packs Gameloft’s achivement system as well.


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