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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Top iPhone apps: Finger Olympics, Heist

BBC Olympics
Never miss a moment from the London Olympics with this sporting app that offers 24 live streaming channels, text commentaries and video highlights of each day's action.
The Heist (games)
This free for a limited time only application challenges players to embark on a secret mission, cracking codes and solving puzzles to succeed in their objectives.
The Heist (games)
See ‘The Heist'

Burning Water Bathtub (games)
Players of this unusual game have to balance a series of stick figures on top on each other, being careful not to push the bottom figure, who is stretched over a bathtub, into the scalding water below.
Agent Dash (games)
Take on the role of a secret agent and sprint through hazardous environments, avoiding falling beams and lava flow, destroying enemy bases as you pass with this fun app.


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