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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Trading Software Development

The web is full of ads promoting software that helps you make money by trading stocks. Given below are the four requisites (including trading software) that investors experienced as well novice ones require for profitable software trading:

• Computer and Accessories: It's very frustrating when you are trading using outdated equipments. Minimum hardware requirements include – A Pentium – II or greater with 300MHZ processor; A 6 GB hard drive; A 22-inch monitor; 128 MB of RAM.
• Internet connection: You will need a stable and a fast internet connection. It's often seen that trading software doesn't operate well on computers on wireless.
• Education on software trading
• Trading software programs: Today in the market you will get a myriad of trading software options. Mainly trading software programs focus on:

1.Maximizing your profits and minimizing your losses.
2.Provide you real-time data. It gives you details of even the minutest activities happening on various sectors of the markets.
3.Re-balance your portfolio
4.Provide data analysis from different brokerages and financial institutions so that you can take advantage of market and industry shifts
5.Fix your investment strategies so that they meet your financial goals.

Seeing the huge demand for trading software many companies nowadays are venturing into the field of trading software development.
Also, the trading software a trader chooses will depend much on the type of trading he's involved in. For instance, day traders need analytical trading software. Among the software used by the day traders following are the must-have ones:

2.Technical indicators
3.Screeners: Lets the trader search stocks by selecting from different criteria like industry, index membership etc.
4.Liquidity and volatility measuring software
5.Software giving real-time news and details on stock indexes

For traders who trade on a daily basis it is extremely important to keep records of trading activity and results. By doing so, after a few months or say may be a year, you can check out what has worked for you and what has not. This will give you an idea of the mistakes as well as the good choices you made while trading.



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