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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Google Building Separate Maps App for iPhone and iPad

You will eventually pin again using Google Maps on your iPhone and iPad pretty soon. Apple Map apps have received negative reviews since it was launched. Apple knows it, and they are planning to improve the maps apps. Let’s move forward to this debacle, and if you are not satisfied with that, we found a solution on how to use Google Maps on iOS 6.

That’s not all, smile now. We gleaned a wonderful update about Google maps. Google is developing a map application for iPhone and iPad and it will be launched by the end of 2012 according to the people involved in the project whose names are not mentioned due to the nature of their work.

Apple Maps app have received negative reviewers for inaccuracies of addresses, weird redirection of the places to Google maps hub, melting photos of the map and other technical issues.

We don’t have time to fret now. Indeed, Google intends to develop a Google Map app for iOS 6 according to the people involved in the project.

It will only take a few months before we could start pining again using Google Maps. Let’s see how the team Google will work this out. We all know that Apple has set limitations for third-party applications.

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