From sore muscles, to job-related stress, to pregnancy nausea, yoga workouts can help alleviate a lot of ailments and conditions. Finding the right type of yoga routine to fit your individual needs, however, can be a bit of a twist. Before you buy a bunch of yoga DVDs or invest in a pricey studio membership, try some of these new or recently updated smartphone and tablet applications. They are much more affordable, and you can conveniently do these yoga practices anywhere. Namaste!

Pocket Yoga (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPadAndroid $2.99)

Hit the mat just about anywhere you travel (or at home) with the Pocket Yoga app. This all-purpose app offers a picture glossary of poses as well as three different types of practices. For each practice, you can choose from beginner, intermediate and expert, as well as follow voice instructions for each pose. There is accompanying music during the practices. If the app's soundtrack is not your cup of tea, create your own "ohm" playlist -- an easy change in the settings. Once you pick your ideal practice, you select the time for your workout from 30, 45 or 60 minutes. It's also nice (especially for beginners) that you can press pause during the workouts at anytime and pick it up later with the "Workout in Progress" button. PRO (iPhone, iPod Touch Free)

Are you someone who loves to practice yoga but can't seem to fit it into your busy schedule? Then you will do headstands for PRO. This yoga app is perfect for fitting in a quick yoga break in your office or your hotel room while traveling. Doing some Downward Dogs and Tree Poses when you have a few extra minutes may just be what the doctor ordered. Also, the app's Detox Flow is just the right yoga workout to get you back on track after a long night out with friends. Try the Gentle Hatha Sequence when you wake up to get the day started on a positive note.

Simply Yoga (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad $2.99)

Are you behind on your yoga practice? The Simply Yoga app for all iDevices offers two levels of yoga routines with three length options. The 20, 40 and 60 minute yoga workouts give you the ability to fit in a yoga workout every day. The app offers six prepared yoga routines or gives you the ability to customize your own yoga workout. The in-depth pose descriptions make the Simply Yoga app perfect for beginners to use along with a studio yoga practice. Impress your yoga teacher with at-home learning! A free preview version is available.

Yoga Flow Creator (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad $4.99)

Tired of the same old yoga practice? Think you can come up with a better flow? Try your hand at creating your own yoga flow practice with the Yoga Flow Creator app. Take elements from your favorite traditional practices and make something entirely new. Yoga Creator is also useful for your studio sessions. Yoga gurus and teachers will love this app to customize new classes on the go. Teachers can send new yoga routines to students via email.

Pregnancy Yoga with Ayala Gill (iPhone, iPod Touch $2.99)

Are you pregnant and looking for a gentle way to stay in shape? The Pregnancy Yoga with Ayala Gill app for iPhone will help you embrace your changing body and prepare for childbirth through gentle yoga routines. This yoga app includes routines to help battle nausea and fatigue, as well as enhance connections and love.

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