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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Xbox SmartGlass For Android

Xbox SmartGlass is a companion app released a while back for Xbox 360 owners.

It lets anyone with one or more of a list of devices, namely, an Android phone / tablet, Windows Phone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone (i.e. practically everyone in this day and age) to use their devices as secondary screens or remotes.

The SmartGlass app’s main objective clearly is to make Xbox content more accessible and fun than the one dimensional method of using Xbox 360.

It can theoretically help to make the Xbox 360 a lot, lot more than just a gaming console. In acting as a central hub for pretty much all the devices that most consumers have, the Xbox 360 is given a whole new role in a household by the SmartGlass app.

There are two very basic usage scenarios where the SmartGlass app comes into play. Let’s say that you’re playing a game like Halo 4 on the Xbox 360, and that you have a Google Nexus 7 tablet lying around near you. SmartGlass will let you get a number of detailed stats, list of achievements and other relevant game information on your Android tablet without you breaking a sweat.

Another scenario where SmartGlass becomes useful is when you are playing back some music or video. The app will bring in relevant info about the song artist, album details, movie synopses, and a lot more, all at the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

It would be wise to remember that SmartGlass still has a limited amount of functionality as of now. It’s only compatible with Windows 8 devices, or Android devices with version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above. But for what it’s worth, it has an ever increasing list of compatible content, media and movies that can only improve as time goes by.

Download Xbox SmartGlass from Google Play today!

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