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Monday, 14 January 2013

Why is Social Networking Application Getting More and More Popular

Social networking allows you to stay connect with your friends, family members, business associates, clients and other acquaintances without going anywhere. You can share each type of information which is valuable to others and share your ideas with friends, can chat, play games and share video and send events invitations and much more. Social networking websites allow users to be part of a virtual community. It is widely used by the people all over world to socialize, communicate, conduct online business and marketing, share information and news. iPhone has taken social marketing to the next level by placing it on palm. Thanks to rapid development in iPhone social networking application development,

What is the benefits of Social networking Iphone Apps:

•    Enabling video and audio conferencing between different members
•    Using iPhone GPS to make it possible for users to find their friends’ location and share their own position
•    Enabling users to play games with their friends or strangers who are part of the social networking application
•    Making it possible for users to access, manage and edit their accounts on different sites through one
•    Allowing users to sync photos with different photo-sharing sites
•    Provides facility to better manage SMSes by controlling data in messages
•    Sending users product notifications and discount information
•    Infuse fun elements like sketching, song recognition, music creation, and a lot more to make the app stand out and entice more iPhone users to download it

iPhone social networking apps development Company 

Enukesoftware is renowned iphone application development company which is popular for making all kinds of iphone apps for the clients. Now enuke has developed very popular social networking apps for the clients. this Manage your contacts in better way, add them to family, close-friends, dating and other zones. Create your own custom zones, share your views, videos and pictures with your friends. Send Text/Video Messages, chat with your friends and share your location on map.

- Manage your contacts across various zones, share update status with your friends.
- Get zngle alert when you are at a small distance from your close friends or family member.

- Send receive Text/Video messages.
- Chat with your friends using picture, text and audio messages.
- Make VoIP based Video and Audio calls to your friends.

You Can download this apps here:

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