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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Custom GIS Application Development Enuke

GIS is also known as Geographical information System.  Today this is very popular among us.  This allows users to capture, store, analysis and manage spatially referenced data. GIS technologies are widely used for analyzing of wellness information in the health care, build maps, help people find locations, and estimate traffic routes and times, Planning of utilities expansions for communication technology companies, Tracking of properties in banking and real estate business.
This application is very beneficial for small scale business like hotels, medical practices and builder need to be able to pinpoint locations for customers on google maps just like their large scale competitors.

GIS Application Development includes:

  1. Usage of high-quality maps at a variety of scales;
  2. Storage, analyzing and presentation of many types of geographically referenced data;
  3. Visualization and simplification of complex data

We at Enukesoftware provides high quality GIS Development and Geo data Processing services for customers around the world.


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